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To us, producing ice creams whose freshness and quality sets new standards is both a challenge and something we feel truly passionate about.

Our products are freshly prepared every day. We simply do not use freezers or chilled storage facilities for storing dairy products. Romeo & Giulia stands for natural and choice ingredients and, whenever possible, are produced without any artificial preservatives or chemical additives.

As our target group will not be happy with anything less than perfect, all of our ingredients are first rate. This also applies to our soft serve ice cream machines, which are even self-pasteurising.

So as to ensure that our range is always innovative and attractive, we regularly introduce new products and flavours that are always rigorously tested first, and constantly adapt our soft serve ice cream anew to our customer’s preferences.

We have consequently largely replaced animal fats with vegetable fats.

The gourmet soft serve ice cream Romeo & Giulia consists to more than 70% of skimmed milk and, like all dairy products, covers the daily human requirement of calcium. Equally important, when it comes to calories, 100g of Romeo & Giulia soft serve ice cream contains no more than 150 calories – no more than the same quantity of a 20% fruit yoghurt.


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Customers’ feedback

Michael Käfer, Käfer Delicatessen, Munich “This ice cream is a real magnet (…) This ice cream really is different and utterly delicious and (…) appreciated even more because of its great variety of flavours.”

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